St Mary’s Gift Day – a big thank you

It was lovely to see people in St Mary’s for coffee, biscuits and a chat on Gift Day – and the Church Council is very grateful to all those who not only offered their time and talents but also their financial support.

Numbers ‘on the day’ were a little down on last year, but nevertheless, church funds have been boosted by at least £1,500, thanks to the generosity of a relatively small, but committed band of supporters: the Bible story about the Widow and her mite is alive and well in Morcott!

The Church Council cannot overstress how important Gift Day is to the Church in Morcott.  Without it, we would struggle to pay our monthly running costs: the Diocesan Share, the insurance, heating and water bills etc.  The £1,500+ donated is equivalent to four Jumble Sales, or our share of the profits from two Christmas Markets, or three ‘And is there Honey Still for Tea’ events – all of which we still have to organise on a regular basis, to build up funds so we can maintain the fabric of the building.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

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