Morcott Planning & Village Plan Open Day

A reminder that Morcott Parish Council is holding an Open Day this Saturday 12 November in the Village Hall between 11am-3pm.

This is the chance for all villagers to discuss Morcott’s response to Rutland County Council’s proposals for the Local Development Framework, including those relating to planning and development. The village’s response to RCC, as part of the “Issues and Options” consultation, will be submitted before the deadline of 30 November.

The Sub-committee has also been working on a Village Plan, designed to identify and articulate the village’s aspirations for the future shape, size and nature of this community. This Open Day is also an opportunity to look at how this may be taken forward.

Please come, and encourage neighbours to attend too. The Village Plan Sub-committee and Parish Council have put a great deal of time and effort into understanding the complexities of RCC’s proposals, and shaping a response. There is still much to do. and they deserve our support.

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