Morcott Planning and Development update

From the Chair of Morcott Village Plan Subcommittee
Rutland County Council has recently held the first stage of a consultation exercise with Rutland residents about possible sites for new housing and other types of development. It also sought views on other related planning issues including designated open spaces and the limits of development around the local towns and villages. Parish Councils and other interested parties were invited to respond by 30th November 2011 to initial proposals which are contained in an “Issues and Options” consultation document. This is available on the RCC website. It is part of the preparation of the Local Development Framework, which will shape the future of development in the county through to 2026.

Morcott Parish Council, through its Village Plan Subcommittee examined the proposals in detail and held a consultation event on its proposed response in the Village Hall on 12th November. The response was then finalised and submitted to the county council. A copy of the full response is now available here in PDF form for easy reading and downloading. (If you have any problems with the PDF, please let the webmasters know).

Respose form Morcott submission

Qu 3 supplement Morcott submission

The next consultation stage is planned for early summer 2012. Further details of this will be included in the parish news, the website and the village notice boards as they become available.

Maureen Allan
Chair of the Village Plan Subcommittee

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