Morcott Harvest Festival and Gift Day

The weekend of Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October is a busy one at St Mary’s Church, Morcott.

On Saturday, between 10am and 12noon, the Church will be open to receive parishioners’ gifts: pledges of financial support, of time and talents.  Our annual Gift Day is an opportunity for those who are not regular attenders to make a donation to Church funds, and/or to offer up their skills and ideas for future fund-raising events.  The Rector, Geoff Angell, will be in attendance.  A leaflet about Gift Day, explaining why the Church needs your financial support, will be in the October issue of the parish magazine.

On Sunday, at 11am, Rev Geoff Angell leads our family-friendly Harvest Festival service.  St Mary’s will be decorated in the traditional way – with fruit and veg from gardens and allotments – and gifts of jams, chutneys and any other produce will be very welcome.  After the service, we’ll move to the Village Hall for a Bring & Share Harvest Lunch, which will start at 12.30-ish.  All are welcome, whether or not you’ve been able to attend church, but we do need to know who is coming, and what you are bringing to share. Further information from Alison Johnson on 747 381.

After lunch, we’ll auction off the Harvest gifts and the proceeds will be sent to WaterAid.

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