Morcott Village Plan Draft for Consultation

A message from Maureen Allan, chair of the Village Plan sub-committe:

The draft Village Plan is now out to village consultation.

We are most grateful to everyone who has assisted us in getting to this point, particularly those who attended the consultation events and contributed their ideas. These are now included as an action plan reflecting the themes of the three events: good neighbours, the environment and children and young people. More detailed acknowledgements are included in Appendix 2 of the plan.

We hope that villagers will take time read it and let us have your comments and suggestions by the end of January. We will produce a response form but are happy to receive views in any format, on paper, in conversation or electronically.

The various parts of the plan can be viewed here in PDF form (and, if you wish, printed at home).


MVP Annex1 Jan 2013 draft

MVP App1 JAN 2013 draft

MVP App 2 JAN 2013 draft

MVP Bibliography – Jan 2013 draft

MVP RCC map JAN 2013

MVP JAN 2013 street map

MVP JAN 2013 footpath map

MVP Jan 2013 listed buildings map

Hard copies of the plan are also being made available to view in the church and the village hall.

Alternatively, if you would like a copy emailed direct to you or if you have difficulty accessing it in the ways described above, please contact me (details below).

Please note that the draft is not in its final format. We will be working on the design and layout, including photographs, during January. In February we will review the draft in the light of your comments and thereafter present it to the Parish Council for final agreement and publication.

Maureen Allan, on behalf of the Village Plan subcommittee

Tel 747 203  or Email maureen (at) mabc dot co dot uk

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One Response to Morcott Village Plan Draft for Consultation

  1. Anonymous says:

    It seems that you have covered everything, well done. MA

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