Request for photos for Morcott Village Plan

Message from Maureen Allan:

Firstly, our thanks to all who have made comments and suggestions on the draft Village Plan in the consultation period. The version which will go to the Parish Council on Feb 27th has been amended to reflect these.

We are now working on the layout and in particular the selection of photographs to illustrate the content. We have a good number including some excellent historical ones. We are less strong on some aspects of contemporary village life and so would ask you if you have photographs to offer. In particular, we are looking for the following:

  • sunny/bright street scenes of the High Street (snow features too much in the ones we have), possibly for the cover and some internal pages. Ideally these will visually capture the look of the village
  • examples of activities/events in the village hall
  • current agricultural activity and employment (shots of people working the land eg with sheep/game, farm machinery)
  • other employment, eg artistic endeavours/workshops, local garage, pub etc
  • family and children related activity. All we have are photographs from the 2012   Jubilee event
  • anything else you think might have something particular to offer that relates to the village and village life

We would prefer them digitally but where this is not possible we could scan hard copies. Thank you in anticipation. Please send them to maureen (at) mabc dot co uk or deliver to me at The Old Bakehouse by the end of February.

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