Village Plan published

The Village Plan was launched on 11 May at the Village Hall.  Parish Council Chairman Mr Pat Martin thanked the sub-committee members for their hard work and commitment.

The Village Plan runs to 40 pages and has been professionally produced in full colour (thanks are due to Morcott resident Kevin Yates of Scion Design for his time and skills), incorporating many photographs of Morcott past and present.

The Parish Council is subsidising the cost of producing the document so that a copy may be obtained for just £5.  Please contact Maureen Allan (747 203) if you want to buy a copy.  Thanks to the digital printing process, copies can be produced virtually on demand, so everyone who wants a copy may have one.

However the Village Plan is also available in PDF form here on the website, where it has its own page for easy reference.  It can be downloaded and printed at home, either in its entirety or as selected pages.

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One Response to Village Plan published

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a fabulous document! Well done to everyone involved – reading this should make us feel even more proud that we live in such a wonderful location!

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