Morcott Gardening Group 16 & 25 January

PLEASE NOTE UPDATE about the next get-togethers of the new Gardening Group

1. Planning the year ahead: Thursday 16th January at 10.30am.  Meet at Pat Simmonds’ house (the Old Hall, High Street, up alley opposite No. 19). Come to hear plans for the group; to discuss ways to share knowledge/resources (eg gardening books & magazines); to develop ideas for the future.  Share with others what you think are your Great Long-flowering Plants; your Good-value Architectural Shrubs; your Favourite Plant Catalaogues & Websites.

2. Common-sense Gardening: Saturday 25th January at 10.30am.  (Moved from original date.) Meet at the Old Hall again.  Pat Simmonds will demonstrate Seed Sowing; Jane Page will talk about Plant Growing (eg planting, shaping, pruning, cutting back; plants to slaughter, which plants to be ‘unkind’ to, which plants to help, and how not to water).  Come prepared to share your Best Plant, Best Tip, and a Burning Question!

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