Support the Village Hall: join the 100 Club

The Village Hall 100 Club for 2014 is about to launch!

In the next few weeks, a team of volunteers will be selling 100 tickets for the 100 Club.  Each ticket costs £15 and entitles the buyer to enter a prize draw over the last six months of the year.  Four prizes are drawn each month: £50, £35, £25 and £15.

The rest of the money raised goes to support Morcott Village Hall.

If you are new to the village, or have not bought a ticket before and would like to buy one, please let Sian Powell know (see below).  If you have previously bought a ticket and now feel unable to buy one this year, again please let Sian know so that she can let the sellers know in advance.

Many thanks to those who help to sell the tickets and to those who buy them.  Your support is much appreciated.

Contact Sian Powell: 747 405 or email to sianpowell (at) btinternet (dot) com

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