Morcott Gardeners: next meeting

The next meeting of Morcott Gardeners Group is on Saturday 22 March when the ‘common sense gardening’ get-together will be on the topic of VEGETABLES.

Gather at 2 Mount Pleasant (Tricia  & John Williams’ house) at 10.30am.

Allotment holders Jane Page, Tricia Jones and Mike De-Bar will be leading the get-together which is very informal.  All are welcome: this is an opportunity to share experience, both yours and ‘ours’…

“Growing vegetables is an activity laced with failure, often due to weather, soil conditions, unsuitable seed, hidden or visiting munchers (including the two-legged kind). SO we hope to swap tips, experiences, favourite suppliers and varieties (any spare seeds? do bring them) during the morning.”

Feel free to turn up on the day. If you have questions beforehand, do call Jane Page on 747 412.

ONE MORCOTT ALLOTMENT WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE: are you interested? This meeting would be a good opportunity to quiz allotment-holders.

SAVE THE DATE: Morcott Gardeners Group will hold a PLANT SWAP on Saturday 12 April in Morcott Village Hall, from 10.30am.  All welcome. More details nearer the time.

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