Plant Swap & Gardeners’ Get-together 12 April

The next meeting of Morcott Gardeners is Saturday 12 April, at 10.30am in the Village Hall.

It is a big plant swap opportunity!  This is the perfect time to be lifting and dividing clumps of perennials and grasses, so bring your spares along to share.

If you have a new garden, and you’re in need of plants, rather than having spares to pass on, this is the perfect opportunity to acquire new stock – so please don’t think that if you come empty handed you won’t be welcome!

There will be a modest charge to attend, to cover the hire of the Village Hall.  There will be a small raffle, and undoubtedly a cup of coffee while we exchange plants and tips.

Spread the word, bring a friend!

If you are short of pots for your spares, do let Jane Page know as she will gladly give you some of her spares.


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