Annual Parish Meeting & AGM Minutes

MINUTES of MORCOTT ANNUAL PARISH MEETING meeting held Tuesday 13May 2014 in Morcott Village Hall

01/14 ATTENDANCE REGISTER: Councillors Pat Martin (chair), M. Allan, N. Harding, D. Joyce, N. Traylen, B. Tyler & M. Whitfield.

County Councillor Edward Baines & 14 members of the public

02/14   APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: All present


04/14    COUNCIL’S ANNUAL REPORT 2013 – 2014: It’s been a busy year for council; the resignation of the clerk Michael Seabrook, position taken over by Susan Awcock; the sad demise of Andrew Towell; the election of Maureen Allan.

Following a report of works required in the village meetings took place with officers of Rutland County Council and an action plan was formed. Morcott’s first Village Plan was published in May 2013, based on extensive community involvement.  This in turn informed Rutland County Council’s Conservation Area Appraisal which is currently out for consultation.

The village’s interests have continued to be robustly represented in the development of Rutland’s Local Plan” To date drains have been cleared, re-surfacing in parts of the village, village hall signs ordered, fence repaired. Speed indicator signs put in place on the A47. Headstones repaired and foliage cleared & brook cleared.

The War Memorial is the responsibility of Rutland County Council. The base has been repaired, the granite chippings renewed and stonework cleaned. Rutland County Council is gathering quotations for re-leading the letters. The additional name will require an Arch Deacon’s certificate.

On-going works: re-surfacing in Back Lane, water seepage in Willoughby Road (Anglia Water/Rutland County Council). Painting of the telephone kiosk and other items scheduled for discussion during the following meeting.

Councillors have inspected and discussed all planning application submitting their recommendations to Rutland County Council.

The finance situation is healthy and the electorate can be assured that the elected members of Morcott Parish Council continue to work hard on their behalf.


The chairman welcomed members of the public and declared the meeting open for the public to speak.

Eric Hazelwood advised that the drain was blocked in Station Road. Council responded by saying this was an on-going problem, the cause of which had yet again been fully explained to Rutland County Council again in February 2014. The issue will be raised with them again.

Mike DeBar raised concerns about the amount of large vehicles and grain lorries travelling along the High Street rather than using the allocated route from the A47, past Fydell Row; particularly the lorries accessing the civic amenity site down Willoughby Road. Council responded by suggesting a letter be sent to George Chase, Rutland County Council about the Civic Amenity lorries; a letter be sent to Insp Lou Cordinor re policing of the weight restriction through the village; a letter to Neil Tomlinson, Rutland County Council requesting the 71/2 ton weight restriction signs at the entry of Morcott High Street be moved to a point more visible before entry into the village.

Marilyn Clayton asked council why Article 4 had been rejected. Council gave an in depth response, the main reason being that it would have divided the village as some residents would be given planning consent and others would not.

David Joyce (as a member of the public) asked if there had been any communication with Burghley Estates regarding the White Horse pub. Councillor Maureen Allan had recently spoken with Sarah Mayhew, Burghley Estates and advised that various options were under discussion. Interested parties had looked at the premises but had been unable to produce a viable business plan. As soon as Burghley Estates have a preferred option, council will be informed. In the interim a letter will be sent ot Burghley Estates requesting the grass be cut and the area keep tidy. Also suggesting the site be made secure to prevent travellers etc. taking over the site

David Joyce (as a member of the public) Suggested that when Rutland County Council carry out tar spraying in the county, they do a proper job in Morcott.

Meeting closed at 8.1opm.

Following the Annual Parish Meeting, the Annual General Meeting of Morcott Parish Council was held.

The minutes of this meeting can be read HERE in PDF form.

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