A47 Roadworks at Morcott

Thanks to Parish Councillor Martin Whitfield for this summary regarding the current roadworks:

The works to the A47, which have just commenced, are a result of more than three years of pressure by the Parish Council and other concerned individuals upon Rutland County Council to take steps to improve safety on the length of the road within the Morcott parish boundary.

The A47 is to be slightly widened in the vicinity of the staggered junction with the A6121 Stamford Road and the B672 to Caldecott, so as to permit central right turn lanes to be provided.  This will mean that A47 traffic arriving from the east will have a full width lane in which to wait briefly, as necessary, for an opportunity to turn north towards Stamford without impeding following through traffic.  Similarly there be a full width lane for A47 traffic arriving from the west to wait, if required, before turning south towards Caldecott.  During periods of heavy traffic, having to make these turning manoeuvres has frequently been intimidating and, not surprisingly, there have been substantial numbers of accidents on both parts of the junction.

The widening of  the A47 will be achieved by relocating the existing traffic island about 2m to the north, as well as the kerbs on that side of the road.

The work is expected to take about 6 weeks.

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