Sarah Moule : Live in Morcott 20 November

The next musical event in Morcott is the fantastic singer Sarah Moule, appearing courtesy of the Village Hall entertainments committee and Centre Stage Rural Touring Programme.

Date is 20 November (that’s a Thursday), at 7.30pm.

Tickets are selling already, so don’t hang about: £12.50 from Alison Johnson on 747 381 or via alisonejohnson (at) aol (dot) com.

BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE: there is no bar at this event, so bring your own wine/beer etc, but glasses are provided.

Sarah will be performing her Femme Fatale set featuring songs by, among others, Cole Porter, Bob Dylan, Stephen Sondheim.  Sarah will be accompanied by her pianist Jenny Carr.  Tough and tender, sweet and salty (said Jazz Times)… Sarah’s smoky voice can be heard here on YouTube.  And learn more at

This is a fund-raiser for Morcott Village Hall.

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