Parish Council Meeting 7.30pm Tuesday 9 December

The next meeting of MORCOTT PARISH COUNCIL is on Tuesday. Members of the public are invited to attend to listen, and may raise any relevant village issues in the democracy slot (see below).


1. Members register

2. Apologies for absence:

3. Declarations of interests and requests for dispensation:

4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 9th September 2014

5. To receive the report of the informal meeting held on Monday 10th October 2014 relating to the White Horse Inn, Morcott and resulting actions.

6. Clerk’s Report and actions since the last meeting to include:

  • Phone Box
  • War Memorial
  • Parking on the pavement – Fydell Row & High Street

7. Democratic 10 minutes. An opportunity for the electorate to speak on any subject

8. To receive the schedule of accounts since last meeting. (PDFs of MORCOTT PARISH COUNCIL INCOME 2014 – 2015 & MORCOTT PARISH COUNCIL EXPENDITURE 2014 -2015 here).

9. To approve the precept for the year 2015 -2016

10. A request from Rutland County Council to consider taking responsibility for the grass cutting in the Parish area.

11. To consider creating  joint cycleway footway between Glaston and Morcott

To consider the way forward in dealing with issues raised during the democratic the
ten minutes:
Clerk’s action (only for the very basic issues)
Already dealt with on this or previous agendas
Agenda for a future meeting

12.  To consider the maintenance or replacement of stiles in Morcott

13. To consider ways to encourage members of the electorate of Morcott to stand for election May 2015

14. Planning applications:

0981/CAT – Fell 2 No. Leylandii trees. 2a Willoughby Road, Morcott.
2014/1019/CAT – Reduce crown of 1 No. Lawson Cypress by 10.8 metres. 2 Mount  Pleasant, Morcott, LE15 9DR. Mr John Williams
2014/0951/PAD – Conversion of agricultural building to dwelling on established agricultural unit. Hazel Hill Farm, Morcott, LE15 9DA. Mr. Paul Bird

Approved by Rutland County Council:
2014/0651/FUL – Demolish modern timber and stone hovel. Existing double garage to the front to be made a single, extending internal living space. Oak framed twin garage is proposed and adjoined to the existing garage. A new oak framed canopy is to be introduced over the entrances at the front. Bridge House, Mount Pleasant. Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hames.

2014/0852/CAT – Fell 1 No. Willow Tree. 13 Church Lane, Morcott.

2014/0864/LBA – The Windmill, Barrowden Road, Morcott.

14. Correspondence: Rutland Neighbourhood Watch

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