Consultation on Footpaths

Morcott Parish Council has been contacted by Rutland County Council’s Transport Strategy Manager, and is being asked to consider whether the village would welcome some changes/upgrades to two footpaths that pass through the village, specifically the Glaston footpath and the Seaton footpath.

Chair Neil Harding asks villagers to contact any of Morcott’s Parish Councillors if you have a view on either of these potential schemes.

Details of possible MORCOTT TO SEATON scheme.

Details of possible MORCOTT TO GLASTON scheme.

It must be stressed that even if there is village support for the schemes, a scoring process and cost/benefit analysis must be applied before any recommendations are put to RCC’s Cabinet for budget approval.

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One Response to Consultation on Footpaths

  1. Graham says:

    Having walked across both footpaths during the Christmas period, Denise and I would be really keen to see both upgraded. As an example, some clear signage would be a big improvement.

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