Interested in being a Morcott Parish Councillor?


The Parish Council Election will take place on Thursday 7th May 2015 and we would like to encourage persons interested in becoming a Councillor to put their name forward. The following criteria is required:

  • Be at least 18 years old on the day of your nomination
  • Be a British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of any other member state of the European Union

And meet at least one of the following four qualifications:

  • You are, and will continue to be, registered as a local government elector for the parish/community in which you wish to stand from the day of your nomination onwards.
  • You have occupied as owner or tenant any land or other premises in the parish/community area during the whole of the 12 months before the day of your nomination and the day of election.
  • Your main or only place of work during the 12 months prior to the day of your nomination and the day of election has been in the parish/community area.
  • You have lived in the parish/community area or within three miles of it during the whole of the 12 months before the day of your nomination and the day of election.


Apart from meeting the qualifications for standing for election, you must also not be disqualified from standing. There are certain people who are disqualified from being elected to a parish or community council in England and Wales. You cannot be a candidate if at the time of your nomination and on the day of the election:

  • You are employed by the parish/community council or hold a paid office under the parish/community council (including joint boards or committees).
  • You are the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order or interim order.
  • You have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three months or more (including a suspended sentence), without the option of a fine, during the five years before polling day.

The job of the council is to represent the interests of the whole community. Understanding the needs of different groups, therefore it is important to have councillors from all walks of life.

Why be a councillor?

For many people, it is the satisfaction of acting on behalf of their local community that encourages them to become Councillors, so please do consider putting your name forward for election in May.

To get an insight as to how councils work you are welcome to attend any council meeting. The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 10th March 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. The agenda will be posted on the village website and on the notice board in the bus shelter five days before the meeting.

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