Morcott Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

THE MINUTES of Morcott Parish meeting held on Tuesday 14th April 2015 in Morcott Village Hall.

1/15    WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION: The chairman, Neil Harding welcomed members and residents of Morcott, David Pennell & Sarah Mayhew, Burghley Estates and set out the procedure for the meeting.

As Cllr Betty Tyler was not standing for re-election, Betty was thanked for her long service to Morcott as a councillor since 1967; the response was applause from those attending.

2/15    ATTENDANCE REGISTER: Councillors N. Harding (chair), M. Allan, D. Joyce, P. Martin, N. Traylen, B. Tyler & M. Whitfield.

County Councillor Edward Baines.

28 Morcott residents.

David Pennell, Burghley Estates Director and Sarah Mayhew, Assistant Agent.


4/15    CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: The chairman delivered his report:

In reviewing the work of Morcott Parish Council for the year of its administration, there have been four major achievements:-

1. Conservation village status has raised the village profile with the County Council, leading to benefits in village maintenance and improvements to come regarding the appearance and efficiency of the village power supply network. The Morcott Village Plan continues to inform our work in negotiating the extension of conservation area boundaries to preserve views into and out of the village.

2. The improved road layout at the A47 junction, which has been tenaciously pursued to a satisfactory completion and now provides safer turn lanes into and out of the village.

3. The War Memorial has been cleaned, repaired by County Council, the WW2 inscription added and the Memorial re-consecrated.

4. Continued efforts have been made to maintain a dialogue with Burghley Estates regarding the future of ‘The White Horse’. Village concern continues at the loss of this former village amenity as it becomes increasingly dilapidated in appearance and its future remains uncertain.

Many other village maintenance issues have been successfully attended to:-

  • Faulty drains in Church Lane and Pingle Lane now function without overflowing.
  • Permanent reflective signs to the Village Hall are now in place.
  • The Village notice board has been re positioned at the bus stop along with a litter bin.
  • The telephone box has been re painted and lighting replaced.

The normal steady flow of planning applications has been dealt with quickly and efficiently, largely due to swift internet communication between most councillors.

The work of the newly elected Parish Council will I hope, action and complete the list of priorities that are ongoing but remain outstanding:-

  • The intention to introduce a lower speed limit within the village.
  • The linking and improvement of local footpaths.
  • The drainage problems in Back Lane.
  • The drainage problems in Willoughby Road.
  • The disintegrating curb stones throughout the village.
  • The re positioning of street lighting as required when the existing wiring and poles are replaced.

I would finally like to thank our Clerk and all councillors for their hard work and support during the year

Neil Harding, Chair MPC

The rest of the Annual Parish Meeting was concerned with the site of the White Horse Inn and Burghley Preservation Trust’s plans for development. The website administrator is posting the minutes of that meeting separately, with a view to the records being more readily accessible to all residents.

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