Morcott Parish Council meeting Monday 27 July

The Parish Clerk has asked the website admin to publish the Agenda for the next meeting, which is to be on Monday 27 July at 7.30pm in Morcott Village Hall – please note this is a change of date.


  1. Members register
  2. Apologies for absence:
  3. Declarations of interests and requests for dispensation:
  4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 20th May 2015
  5. Clerk’s Report and actions since the last meeting
  6. Democratic 10 minutes. An opportunity for the electorate to speak on any subject relating to the village.
  7. To receive the schedule of accounts since last meeting
  8. Reports and recommendations for consideration by council (reports are in pdf form at the end of this notice)
    1. Street Scene: Reports attached, 1a,2a,3a,4a,5a,6a,7a,8a.
    2. Media: Report attached 1b.
    3. Community Infrastructure planning (Village Plan) copy response to RCC attached 1c.
    4. Tree Warden – Tree in the Churchyard
    5. The White Horse Working Party: Report 4e.attached.
  9. Update on the progress for extending footpaths
  10. To consider applying for Government funding to conform with the transparency code
  11. To consider any increase in allotment and allotment field rents.
  12. To consider signatories for completion of revised bank mandate
  13. To consider any action following a request from a member of the public for an agenda item relating to the War Memorial
  14. To consider giving a donation to Rutland Citizens Advice Bureau
  15. Applications for planning permission:
  16. Any other plans received in time for the meeting.
  17. Consideration of issues raised by the public during the democratic 10 minutes
  18. Correspondence
  19. Date of next meeting

REPORTS are attached in PDF form:

Report 1a; Report 2a; Report 3a; Report 4a; Reports 5a,6a,7a,8a

Report 1b

Report 1c

Report 4e (Report 4e(1), Report 4e(2) and Report 4e(3))

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