Morcott Parish Council: Casual Vacancy

The Parish Clerk has asked the site admin to post this notice:

Following the resignation & subsequent death of Maureen Allan there is a vacancy to serve as a Parish Councillor on Morcott Parish Council.

Morcott Parish Council welcomes your application to serve as a councillor.  
This vacancy occurs during the term of the parish council; as such it may be filled by either election or co-option. Elections only occur if, following the advertisement of the vacancy by the returning officer of Rutland County Council for 14 days, 10 electors or more send a written request for an election to the returning officer.  Following the advertising of the vacancy by the returning officer during February 2016 no request was received for an election; therefore Morcott Parish Council is required to fill the vacancy by cooption.  

The nomination qualifications required of a candidate for co-option are the same as for those for election. To be considered a candidate must meet the qualifying criteria on the Electoral Commission website, this can be found at:

Morcott Parish Council would welcome applications in writing from individuals meeting the above requirements who wish to serve the village and its community.  
All applications should include name, address & contact details, confirmation that you meet the criteria and any useful information you feel is relevant to help Morcott Councillors select the best person to serve the community.
A special meeting of Morcott Parish Council to decide which candidate will be co-opted will be held on 12th April 2016. At this meeting candidates may be offered the opportunity to present their application to councillors in person.
All applications should be submitted to the clerk either in writing or by e-mail to the following address: Mrs. Susan Awcock, 1 Mount Pleasant Road, Morcott, Oakham, Rutland. LE15 9DP. e-mail: susan (dot) awcock (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk
Closing date for receipt of applications by the clerk: 12 noon on 30th March 2016

UPDATE 15 MARCH 2016: The PROCESS for this co-option, agreed by MPC at the meeting on 8 March 2016, may be viewed/downloaded HERE in pdf form.

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