Free Wellness Evaluation from new Morcott business

As of today (Monday) Ruth Philbin-Santamaria is operating a new business called Healthidays, from premises on the 1st floor above the Country Lounge Cafe Bar. [The official address is Apartment 1, 5 Glaston Road, Morcott.]

As an opening offer, Ruth is offering FREE wellness evaluations this week until Saturday 23rd April. You can find out your body composition, learning your % of muscle mass, % of body fat, % of cell hydration, visceral fat, healthy bone mass, daily caloric requirements and your metabolic age.

Healthidays helps people of all ages by promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
Services include:
Personal Training sessions for all levels and ages
Group exercise classes held in various venues
Weight Loss Challenges
Personalized Nutrition programmes for weight loss, weight gain, fitness and sports performance and healthy and energy improvements
Healthy Lifestyle talks and special events
For information & bookings please contact Ruth on 07474 812450 or email healthidays (at) gmail (dot) com or send a private message on Facebook Page Healthidays.
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