Litter Picking & Take Pride in Morcott initiative

As part of the Take Pride in Morcott initiative by Morcott Parish Council, there are two opportunities to volunteer for litter-picking ahead of/at the start of the campaign.

Saturday 21 May at 9.30am. Meet at St Mary’s Church where the kit (on loan from RCC) will be handed out and route planned. Followed by coffee at The Gables when we have earned it (thank you to the Harbages).

Tuesday 24 May at 6.30pm. Meet at St Mary’s Church for kit/planning. Potentially, end up at the Country Lounge for a drink afterwards.

Questions? Please phone Jane Williams on 747 157.

MorcottPridePicTake Pride in Morcott runs between Monday 23 and Monday 30 May. The Parish Council invites everyone to consider whether our own corner of Morcott would benefit from a tidy up.

It is a voluntary campaign but MPC hopes everyone who is fit and able will consider taking part. Could the front of your property, which everyone sees every day, benefit from a spruce-up? A gate painted? A shrub pruned? The bins hidden? Weeds sprayed?

The Parish Council is inviting local landowners/businesses to do their bit too. Take Pride in Morcott is inspired by the ‘Clean for the Queen’ week held nationally in March. MPC chose this date because it’s a lot warmer than in March; over a 10-day period we hope everyone can find a spare hour or two; it includes the first weekend of half term so children can play their part; it means the village will be looking its best for the Queen’s Birthday ‘Street Party’ and for ‘Morcott Open Gardens’ later this summer.

Morcott Parish Council thanks you for your support.

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