Public Consultation on the White Horse Inn

Tuesday 12 July, between 2pm – 8pm in Morcott Village Hall

Morcott Parish Council invites every resident to see what Burghley Estates proposes for The White Horse Inn and land adjoining the A47/A6121.  This is about:

  • A ‘new’ White Horse (completely renovated; viable)
  • A children’s playground
  • New houses

WhiteHorseInnMay2015_2Burghley Estates seeks village feedback, and support for a future planning application. This is your chance to see the proposals and comment on them.

For, Against or Don’t Care… your view is important, whether you have ever had a pint in the pub, or not.

You can drop in at any time during the afternoon/evening so that you can see the plans and ask questions.

Representatives of Burghley Estates will be in attendance. Members of the White Horse Working Party and Parish Councillors will also be there. It is hoped a representative of The Pub is The Hub can also attend for part of the day.

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