Notice of Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting & White Horse Inn consultation feedback

The Parish Clerk has asked the website admin to post the following Agenda and supplementary information.

An Extraordinary meeting of Morcott Parish Council will be held on Monday 8 August, starting at 7pm, in the Village Hall.

The main business of the meeting is the White Horse Inn and next steps. Here is the AGENDA EXTRA-ORDINARY MEETING 8TH AUGUST 2016-2 (pdf can be viewed, downloaded and printed if you wish).

Ahead of the meeting, which is open to the public, a topline analysis of the feedback questionnaires has been carried out and the data can be accessed below, presented in 5 different tables.

There is also a Briefing Document. Click on it here: Briefing doc for MPC Meeting Agenda Items #4&5 8th August ABJ 020816

WhiteHorseExhibQuestionnaireAnalysis#1 All Q’s 250716

WhiteHorseExhibQuestionnaireAnalysis#2 Residents250716

WhiteHorseExhibQuestionnaireAnalysis#3 NamedRes 250716

WhiteHorseExhibQuestionnaireAnalysis#4 AllNamed 250716j

WhiteHorseQuestionnaireResponsesNo Names inc comments MPC 020816


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