Harvest Festival

Morcott’s Harvest Festival this year is on Sunday 16 October, and all are warmly invited to both the Church service and to the Lunch.

The special Harvest service starts at 11am at St Mary’s Church. It is brief and family-friendly (no communion). Please do bring your garden or allotment offerings, which will later be auctioned in aid of the Save The Children charity. Tins are also very welcome, which will be sent to Stamford Food Bank.  Our ‘new’ Vicar, the Very Reverend Chris Armstrong will preside: his first Harvest with us.

Lunch starts in the Village Hall at 12. 20pm. Our tradition in recent years is to have a Bring and Share Lunch: bring either a main course or a pudding to serve not just your family/party, but to share with us. So if there are 3 in your family, please cook for 6. If you would like to come, and if you do NOT happen to receive a leaflet through your door about this, then please contact Jane Williams on 747 157 to find out more.

All are welcome to either Church or Lunch, but of course preferably to BOTH!

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