Celebrating Rutland @ Peterborough Cathedral

The High Sheriff of Rutland, Dr Sarah Furness, is hosting a service on Sunday 26th February at 3.30pm in Peterborough Cathedral to celebrate the county of Rutland.

Tea, fizz and cake will be served after the service. Dr Furness is determined to fill the cathedral and the invitation is open to all. The Lord Lieutenant, Dr Laurence Howard, and the Rutland Sheriff from Vermont USA, Sheriff Stephen Bernard, will be in attendance.

Sarah says “Rutland is part of the diocese of Peterborough. Yet many in Rutland do not feel they belong. I want to address this through a wonderful service packed with music. Let’s fill the cathedral with Rutland residents! Please help us celebrate our county in this remarkable place.

“I hope that each group of parishes will attend in numbers – the more the better. I want this so much I will help by putting £50 towards any coach hired to take people to and from Peterborough for the service. (Travelling by coach will be the cheapest form of travel if any number are travelling together. It will also mean people can be dropped and picked up near the door and there are no parking difficulties.)

“Not only will the Lord Lieutenant of Rutland, Dr Laurence Howard be attending. We have a very exciting extra special Rutland guest for the service. The Rutland Sheriff from Vermont USA, Sheriff Stephen Bernard, is travelling over especially to take part. He will be in his Sheriff’s uniform. I am keen that we show off our beautiful cathedral and the enthusiasm of the people of Rutland to him.

Please let me know how many people from your parish or group of parishes will attend. I don’t want to run out of cake, tea or fizz for the party afterwards!”

WANT TO GO? Please email RutlandSheriff16@gmail.com to advise name/numbers

OR as we will no doubt have quite a few people from Morcott and the other churches in our Benefice/Group, please get in touch with either of the Churchwardens so we can see if we can car share: Eric 747 715, Jane 747 175.

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