Allotment Field: Community use?

Jane Willis and Amanda Gallie have distributed a leaflet around the village, about the Allotment Field, which is owned by Morcott Parish Council.

The previous tenant of the field has not renewed the arrangement for renting it, and so MPC is reviewing the field’s future use.

Jane and Amanda would like to see the field used for the overall benefit of the community, perhaps providing family recreation space, a wildlife-friendly environment, and a circular walk. If you are interested in this, they want to hear from you!

Contact Jane on 747 232, or Amanda on 747 083 before 14 April 2017.

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One Response to Allotment Field: Community use?

  1. Tricia Williams says:

    Re: Allotment field. A circular walk would be a very good contribution to the village retirees (amd dog walkers).

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