Morcott: Road Closure

RCC Highways department has advised the Parish Council that it is carrying out work at the junction of The Cockpit/Wing Road/High Street on 25 & 26 April 2017 – that is Tuesday and Wednesday.

The junction will be closed and this will particularly inconvenience residents of Wing Road, or anyone travelling to Wing.

The diversion signs in place will no doubt confuse everyone and mean large/heavy vehicles travelling through the village on roads they should not normally undertake.

Further, the Centrebus Service 12 bus will not be able to travel through the village, but a diversion route has been put in place.  They advise passengers to wait (and disembark) at the ‘triangle’ at the High Street/A6121 near the White Horse Inn.  The bus will turn there and continue along the A47 to Glaston or Barrrowden as appropriate. Measures are being put in place to ensure that school transport is not disrupted.

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