Pictures from Opera in Morcott

A huge thanks from Morcott Parochial Church Council to all who worked so hard to make this event on 17 June 2017 such a success, especially all the members of Amici Chamber Choir, their musical director George Robey, soloists Nick Hardy, Joanne Rondel and Judith Tinston, and the accompanist David Kingsley.

We also thank all those who came to enjoy this memorable musical evening. We are delighted to say the event raised more than £1400.

We are grateful to audience member Andy Mintern for sharing these photos with us.

webensemble_cAndyMintern_0572   webTBJ_cAndyMintern_0496

webNick_cAndyMintern_0567  webJudithandJoanne_cAndyMintern_0535

webNick+Judith_cAndyMintern_0545  webGeorge_cAndyMintern_0616

webtakeabow_cAndyMintern_0578  webcurtaincall_cAndyMintern_0598








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