Sign up for the Safari Supper

Saturday 9 February 2019 – a big night in Morcott’s calendar! The village-wide Safari Supper is always an enjoyable social event.


The ‘progressive dinner’ format is (1) meet everyone for drinks and nibbles at one large venue (2) get your instructions telling you where to go for the starter course – which could very well be your own house, as you’ll be hosting one of the courses (3) from there head somewhere else to eat the main course with different guests (4) enjoy dessert at someone else’s house and ..

(5) reunite with everyone at a single venue for coffee… and quite possibly a final drink…

Participation costs 40 pounds per ‘couple’ which can also be two single-person households buddy-ing up for the evening. Food and drink for the course that you host at your house is purchased out of that, and covers the cost of group aperitifs at the start, and coffee at the end. Rona Towell is Morcott’s expert at organising this complex logistical event and donates the surplus to Village Hall funds.

Great fun! It is NOT about dazzling people with your cooking skills, but ALL about meeting villagers you may not know well, being a welcoming host and appreciative guest. Book yourself in now, calling Rona on 747 609.

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