RCC voted to apply for St George’s Barracks funding

After a long debate in front of more than 200 Rutland residents on Monday 21 January 2019, the full Council voted 12 for, 11 against applying for £30 million funding for the infrastructure required to support a new town at St George’s Barracks. Our ward councillor Edward Baines voted against.

Ahead of the vote Chairman Andrew Johnson represented the views of Morcott Parish Council and spoke against the proposal, as did other members of the Parish Council Liaison Group.

Before the meeting, RCC leader Councillor Oliver Hemsley, told me (via email) “if we vote for the submission we are not committing the County or Council to anything other than the chance to forward fund a development which will happen with or without the HIF Bid”.

BUT many speakers last night felt that in applying NOW for this funding, RCC is signalling to the MOD that it supports the master plan as it stands NOW (still far too big). This does NOT reflect the view of the majority of people in Rutland, and certainly weakens its position to negotiate with the MOD on our behalf.

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