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Morcott Windmill, copyright Steve Fallow.      No reproduction permitted.

Morcott is a good place to live: a pretty Rutland village of 150 or so stone-built cottages and larger houses, with a Church, Village Hall, several active clubs and occasional social events.

The village is four miles from the market town of Uppingham (via the A47) with easy access to Oakham and Stamford, as well as to the A1.

On the A47 are two petrol stations/garage/repair businesses which also sell newspapers and basic groceries.

Morcott Travelodge is now re-branded as a Redwings Lodge on the east-bound carriageway of the A47.  Morcott Little Chef has now opened as the independent, locally-owned Country Lounge Coffee Bar.

Morcott has bus links to Uppingham and Stamford: timetables in the bus stop on the High Street.  Regular visiting services include a mobile butcher (Saturday mornings), wet fish van (Wednesday lunchtimes) and the mobile library (alternate Wednesday mornings).

A heart defibrillator is sited in the redundant red telephone box on the High Street.  Morcott has a small number of allotments.

This website is maintained by Jane Williams as a service to all villagers. It seeks to be independent of any organisation/committee and to present information objectively.  Any comment which appears on the website is the responsibility of the individual who makes it and does not necessarily reflect the view of the administrator or of other villagers.

To contact the administrator please email ejw (dot) email (at) gmail (dot) com

All photos on this website are the copyright of Jane Williams, except where otherwise stated. No reproduction permitted.


2 Responses to About & Contact

  1. I am trying to contact some lovely ladies that we met last year in the William Cecil in Stamford whilst having a mini Morcott Hall School Class of 85 Reunion. They were so interested to talk to us and took some photos of us. I gave them my email address but sadly never heard anything and I would love to hear from them with the photos too.They can contact me via Sheffield & Ford (Builders) Limited in Duddington. Many thanks, Michelle Hickson-Ford xxxx

  2. Tracey blackmore says:

    Great little website. The photography is superb!

    Tracey Blackmore (nee Hames of Mount Pleasant, Morcott)

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