Private View: Roy Holley exhibition

Mo Holley (Gardner) cordially invites everyone in Morcott who knew Roy and his work to the private viewing of the upcoming retrospective in Stamford Arts Centre.

The exhibition includes both Roy’s wonderful oil paintings and those of his friend and fellow-artist Terry Raybould, who also died in 2018. The exhibition is titled A Portrait of Two Artists and runs from 8 – 25 August 2019.

The private view for friends, family and admirers of Roy’s work is on Saturday 10 August from 7pm in Stamford Arts Centre. Mo would love to see you there.

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MPC Meeting Weds 17 July 2019

The Parish Clerk reminds me that the Agenda and papers relating to the next Morcott Parish Council Meeting are published on its website. The meeting is on Wednesday 17 July, in the Village Hall and starts at 7.30pm.

Follow this link to all the info you need:


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Rounders Tournament

The five villages in our group of churches (Morcott, Barrowden, S Luff, Duddington & Tixover) are playing each other in a Family Rounders tournament on Sunday afternoon 14 July 2019, starting at 2pm.

Mums, Dads and kids of all ages are invited to join the Morcott team; spectators welcome too – especially those trying to avoid an overdose of TV sport that day.

The venue is Barrowden Cricket Club (clubhouse and bar) and there will be a BBQ available for food. It’s a fun and friendly event in a lovely setting. Questions? email the website admin or call her on 747157.

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Barrowden’s Big Weekend!

A reminder that this is Barrowden’s big weekend – and what weather they have for it!
Do go and support our neighbouring village with their Fete this afternoon (Saturday) and particularly their Open Gardens on Sunday.
SUMMER FETE starts at 12.00, 29th June 2019 (until around 4pm).
Lots of family fun on the village green; BBQ, Pimms, traditional stalls; classic cars.
Battle of Britain Flypast. Plus the renowned Duck Race on the pond.
Proceeds to St Peter’s Church and village groups.
Sunday  June 30th 2019 from 12 noon until 5pm.
8 interesting gardens will be open to the public.
Tickets on the day from the tent on the Village Green. 
£5.00 for adults. Accompanied kids under 16 go free. 
Cream teas available in one garden
Proceeds to St Peter’s Church Re-ordering. 
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Future of White Horse Inn Site: MPC Report


The Parish Clerk has asked for this information to be made public to villagers. It is also available as a Word Document on the Parish Council’s own website.

Morcott Parish Council – Report by Cllr Philip Giles – 6th June 2019

I met with David Pennell, Estate Manager for Burghley Estate today to discuss the Trustees proposals for the property. The facts are:

  • The Trustees of Burghley Estate are proposing, at the Trustees meeting on Tuesday next, to sell the freehold of the building and land currently known as The White Horse at the eastern end of the village of Morcott. In addition, they will also consider the sale of the paddock area, the land alongside the vacant pub.
  • The land and buildings are the only property that Burghley own in Morcott.
  • The Estate Manager will be instructed to appoint an agent (three have been requested to provide valuation and marketing advice) to offer the land and buildings on the open market by private treaty. It is likely that this will form two lots:

Lot 1 The existing vacant building and associated car park area.

Lot 2 The paddock land.

  • It is expected that the reports from the agents will be available imminently, an appointment will be made and the property will be offered for sale within the month.
  • On receiving expressions of interest from potential buyers, the Estate Manager will then consider the offers that may or not be conditional upon obtaining planning consent. He will consider those that offer best value to the charity (Burghley Estate is a charity and is bound by Charity Commission rules on sales of assets) and those that offer a timely disposal. He will then make his recommendation to the trustees.
  • It is likely that the parties interested in buying will put forward their best and final offers for the land either, Lot 1, Lot 2 or both during the next few months.
  • Neither Morcott Parish Council nor the villagers will have any say in the disposal by Burghley Estate.

Who is likely to buy?

These are my opinions.

It is unlikely that a pub company will purchase the pub to refurbish and open as a pub/restaurant with rooms. The cost of the refurbishment is too great and therefore the residual value would be considerably less than the sale proceeds from a developer wishing to build houses on the pub site.

In my opinion, the most likely sale will be to a residential developer.

The development of the pub site for anything other than existing use will require planning consent. A developer is likely to apply for demolition of the existing buildings and the construction of new residential buildings of possibly 6 houses on the site, excluding the paddock land.

A vehicular access will be retained to the paddock land by Burghley or the new owner, for future development of that land.

There is limited scope for Rutland County Council as a planning authority to refuse to grant consent. The existing buildings are not ‘listed’ although they fall within the Conservation Area and whilst they have in the past been referred to as buildings of interest, this would be no barrier to demolition.

Any future development of the adjoining paddock land will require the planning authority to extend the Area of Development in the current Morcott Local Plan to include the land but l suspect that this will be granted at some time in the future.

A developer may wish to seek a planning application for both Lots and pursue an appeal if refused and if successful then both sites will be developed at the same time.

Should the sites be developed separately then the Council will not be able to impose conditions such as the provision of affordable housing or a children’s play area as the proposed number of dwellings falls below the minimum required for such conditions to be imposed. Should planning consent be granted for development of both sites then some benefits may be considered such as affordable housing, transport contributions etc.

So, the likely outcome

Burghley Estate will agree a sale to a residential developer who will then apply for planning consent for residential development of a number of houses on the pub site. Burghley may sell the paddock land to the same developer on condition that a further payment will be made on that parcel of land being granted planning consent. Or, Burghley Estate will retain the paddock land for future sale when the Local Plan is reviewed with the likelihood of the Area of Development being extended to include it (in 5 or so years hence).

The worst-case scenario

Burghley may receive interest from an individual who is a “cash buyer” without them declaring what their proposals might be. There are incidences elsewhere around the country where these “individuals” turn out to be “travelers” intending to establish sites for travelers with the ultimate intention of future development. These people are cash rich.

The site could then be occupied temporarily and visually presented in a poorer state than currently and with the potential of anti-social activity from the site.

Other commercial users may be interested in the conversion of the buildings for social care, care home, specialist care unit, rehabilitation unit etc. The planning authority would find it difficult to avoid granting consent for another commercial activity on the site due to the existing use.

What can be done if the villagers of Morcott want a pub in Morcott?

The Estate Manager is prepared to consider restoring the agreement reached with MPC whereby Burghley Estate refurbish the pub and let it to an operator,  on the condition that the villagers of Morcott support an application for the development of the land and the paddock land for development of 13 houses.

However, this support has to be overwhelmingly in support of the proposals and sufficiently strong to overturn the informal response of the previous planning officer at RCC.

This will be the last opportunity to see a pub/restaurant in the village, to see a modest growth of new houses, both affordable and market value and a children’s play area. MPC worked hard to get some control on behalf of the village in what was to be the outcome of the White Horse and signed a memorandum of agreement to that effect.

There are now two options only:

  1. Support Burghley in their plans and have some say in what happens but generally speaking this must be in accordance with the earlier Burghley proposals and no fewer houses. (it was a total of 13),
  2. Do nothing and all control will be lost and there is every likely-hood there will be no pub in the village hereafter but very likely that a number of houses will be built on the pub site in the next 12-18 months and further houses built on the paddock in the future. (more than 13).

If it is option 1 then an immediate supportive response must be given to Burghley Estate. They will judge the strength of the village support and if substantially in favour of their proposals, they will defer their decision to sell. There will then be a discussion with the planning authority to determine how the villagers preference can lead to the extension of the Area of Development to include the paddock land and for residential development.#

P Giles




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Evening Prayer this week

Morcott church is the home for a special service of evening prayer in our group of parishes, as we take part in the Church of England’s 2019 ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative between Ascension Day and Pentecost.

At 9pm every night this week (up to and including Sunday 9 June) a simple, traditional and short (max 20 minutes) service of Compline is held, by candlelight, in St Mary’s Church. Compline is the name given to the last act of worship in the church day. There are no hymns, no sermon, no communion; just prayers, a psalm and quietness. It is a calming and mindful way to end the day: all are welcome.

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Road Closures

A reminder that RCC is closing Station Road for ‘boundary box installation’ (whatever that means…) for three days: Tues 28, Wed 29 and Thu 30 May 2019. ‘Reasonable facilities’ will be available to people trying to access their homes or the Village Hall.

AND the roadworks on the High Street have been re-scheduled for Thursday 30 May and Friday 31 May, so it looks like the overlap could be interesting!

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