The Village Plan

The Village Plan was published May 2013.

Morcott Village Plan

It represents villagers’ views on the nature of our community and the local environment, our social amenities and other services. It highlights what we value about Morcott, and our aspirations for the future. The entire village was involved at every stage, from answering questionnaires and attending open meetings to consultation groups on specific themes.

It is anticipated that the Village Plan will be revisited regularly, on an annual basis for a ‘how are we doing’ check, and reviewed completely in 2018.

The Village Plan is a PDF document which may be downloaded and printed, either in its entirety or as specific pages.  You need Adobe Acrobat to do this.

2 Responses to The Village Plan

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I visited the village yesterday with my mother. she and my father were resident in the village 60 years ago and my grandparents are all buried in the cemetry,We were pleasantly surprised to find that the graves were cleared and repaired, We would like to thank whoever is responsible ,
    Mrs J Hunter(nee Veazey)

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