White Horse Inn

The White Horse Inn Morcott is set at the east end of the High Street at the junction of the A47 and A6121 Stamford Road. Sadly, the pub closed several years ago and as at June 2019 it seems likely that it will be sold for development (see latest MPC report).

The building and the land adjoining the A47/A6121 junction is owned by Burghley House Preservation Trust which in 2015 began to engage with the village through Morcott Parish Council in constructive discussions regarding an imaginative renovation and development proposal.

At a Public Consultation in July 2016, Burghley Estate presented proposals to make a major investment in the pub, so that it might re-open as a ‘new’ White Horse. The proposal is dependent on the remainder of the site – including the paddock bordering the A47 – being developed for housing. This paddock is outside the ‘planned limit of development’ as set by Rutland County Council.

There has understandably been debate about this! Some have been opposed to the idea of any development, even if it means the pub re-opening; others believe that some new houses would be a fair exchange for a ‘new’ White Horse Inn and small playground for children. Some villagers hold no view either way.

In September 2017 an official Village Poll was held. The question asked was: “Do you support the current linked proposals by Burghley Estate to build houses on the Paddock including the refurbishment of the White Horse Inn?”

164 valid votes were recorded (turnout 58%). The number of YES votes = 94 (57.32%). The number of NO votes = 72 (42.68%). The result demonstrated that the majority of villagers who held a view WERE IN FAVOUR of the Planned Limit of Development being extended to allow development of the Paddock.

HOWEVER Rutland County Council planning officers have recently stated that the Village Poll result is not significant enough to influence planning rules, and have advised Burghley Estate that any application that includes the paddock will be rejected. In the light of this advice, Burghley Estate is now making plans to offer the White Horse Inn site for sale.

The White Horse Inn just a few years ago, when it was a decent village pub.


7 Responses to White Horse Inn

  1. Mike Liddle says:

    My grandfather, Ronald Robinson, was the public an at the White Horse back in the 50s and 60s. I don’t have much in the way of family history from his side of the family – if anyone knows anything I’d be really grateful! Thanks!

  2. Liz Prescott says:

    I lived in this pub from 1972 until 1974, my mum and dad were landlords. I revisited in 1990 and received a warm welcome. Very sad

  3. gerry says:

    Grandpa Joyce lived in Corner House on Willoughby Road; sorry to say he drank in the Monkton Arms which is now the Pheasant. The White Horse is closed but with its location and the Travelodge/Little Chef site up the top in some disarray, maybe a well-known chain will breathe some light into this one as well.
    Change is in all our lives. What a great village with great people and great history.

  4. Gary says:

    Now this is a real shame. Whether it was for a stop off, a meal, or a few drinks…….. We were always made very welcome and the charachter of the place was tremendous……. great shame!!!

  5. John Davey says:

    Got married in Rutland in 2012 and The White Horse Inn was our monthly stop over point for keeping in touch with the place. Used to enjoy the character of the place and particularly the dry wit of the Landlord Smog. It’s a great loss.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We had many enjoyable drinks and meals in the White Horse over the years but sadly it was not supported by most of the villagers.

  7. mr g says:

    it’s a shame: drank here many moons ago & i always think the pub can be the heart of the village

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