Little Tikes Climbing Frame

There’s a new offer on the village website’s For Sale/Freecycle page. Free to good home (donation to church funds appreciated). Find it here:

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Re-launch Party: Country Lounge

The Freeman family would like to invite everyone in Morcott to the re-launch party for the Country Lounge.

The fun starts at 7pm on Friday 24 August 2018 and goes on “until late”.  There will be a hog roast, and a live band. The message is: “We look forward to seeing everybody.”

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Songs of Praise in Morcott on Wednesday

To mark the ‘feast day’ of our Patron Saint, St Mary the Virgin, Morcott church is holding a Songs of Praise service at 7pm this Wednesday 15 August 2018.

Please join us to sing half a dozen great hymns as requested by members of the congregation. There will also be a couple of readings, but no sermon or communion – just a celebration of St Mary with lovely music!

All are welcome. Please stay afterwards for a drink and a chat.  Any questions, please buzz churchwarden Jane Williams on 747157.

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St George’s Barracks Update August 2018

Some of you may have received an email from Rutland County Council about the Consultation that was held in May/June. I did, because I have signed up to their email list of those who want to stay in the loop. If you do too, email to say ‘please add me to your Local Plan consultation list’ and you’ll get future updates.

In the initial stage of Consultation, only 8 households/individuals from Morcott appear to have responded. Given that Morcott is two and a half miles from the site, I’m surprised. There is now a further opportunity to find out what is planned, because the entire Local Plan is to be adjusted to take into account the St George’s Barracks plan, and NEW sites that landowners have since put forward for development are being considered. Uppingham Library, Ketton Library, Oakham Library, Ryhall Library and RCC HQ at Catmose offices in Oakham are all holding exhibitions relating to this during normal opening hours between 13 – 24 August 2018. The detail is also online, but it is not half as easy to interpret as seeing it on a big display board. Here’s the relevant section of RCC’s website:

MEANTIME, here is what Oliver Hemsley, the leader of RCC says: “I would like to thank you all for taking the time to share your views on draft proposals for the redevelopment of St George’s Barracks. Having reviewed the responses with the MOD, it’s clear that ensuring this site is developed in the right way is hugely important to the people of Rutland, as it is for us.

The feedback you’ve given us will be critical as we begin to plan the next stage of this important project. These responses will be used to help shape a more detailed set of plans for St George’s, which will be put to residents again in the autumn. Your views are also being incorporated into Rutland’s new Draft Local Plan, the purpose of which is to protect Rutland’s unique character while guiding future sustainable growth and development in our county. A separate consultation on the latest version of the Draft Local Plan is due to get underway in August and I would encourage you to once again share your views.

Both the Council and MOD remain clear about the need to involve local people and communities in shaping the future of St George’s Barracks. This is why we consulted with you at the earliest possible stage and why we have now made every single consultation response available for public viewing. We share many of the concerns expressed throughout the consultation, not least the need to ensure any future development is in keeping with Rutland’s unique and special character, and supported by all the necessary infrastructure improvements. Revised proposals for St George’s will reflect what we’ve heard and you will continue to be involved throughout.”

Oliver Hemsley
Leader of Rutland County Council\


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Country Lounge: new management

Alan and Julia Freeman, who own the Country Lounge Cafe Bar & Restaurant, have contacted the website admin with some news they would like to share with the village.

They inform me that the current management team is leaving the Country Lounge at the end of July, and from Friday 3 August, it will be under the hands-on control of the Freeman family (who also own the Royal Oak in Duddington).

The Freeman’s eldest son Hayden Freeman will be running front of house, supported by his family.

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St George’s Barracks plans: update

The INITIAL consultation on what is called the High Level Master Plan closed on 14 June 2018, but it appears that only about 1300+ responses to various Questionnaire/Comment opportunities were received. Apparently only 325 responses were recorded via the online form at which makes me wonder if it was working properly!

It seems to me as I walk around the village, that people feel this development is inevitable and there’s no point in ‘consulting’ because the MOD and the Council will over-ride our views. While the development IS inevitable, there is still much to say about how big it will be, and what it will be like. There will be future opportunities to Consult, and I do urge villagers to use the democratic processes that are open to us.

I am indebted to Andrew Johnson, the Chairman of Morcott Parish Council for updating me with the following information. Andrew recently attended a meeting chaired by Sir Alan Duncan, with the Leader, Deputy Leader and CEO of Rutland County Council, plus the MOD, Ward Councillors and Parish Council Chairmen from across Rutland.

While Sir Alan is clearly supportive of the Defence Estate Strategy and the partnership between RCC and the MOD (after all, he is a former MOD minister), he encouraged some debate about infrastructure, potential phasing, employment, design and quality.


The main outcome of that meeting is that an ADVISORY GROUP is to be formed that includes the Parish Council Chair of every Rutland village, and the other attendees, which has the purpose of scrutinising and advising RCC on all aspects of the proposals. This group will meet once a month ahead of the main RCC Cabinet discussion so that comments/views can be communicated to cabinet members.

More information in due course.

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Gardening Group Summer Pots

Morcott Gardening Group is gathering this Saturday 30 June 2018 to admire each others’ Summer Pots that we have all (?!) planted up!

Meet at 29 High Street at 10.30am and then we’ll stroll around the village to view all the entries in our good-humoured competition. Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve planted up a pot or not… and whether you’re already a Gardening Group regular, or a newbie wondering what it’s all about.

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