Morcott Parish Council meeting Monday 27 July

The Parish Clerk has asked the website admin to publish the Agenda for the next meeting, which is to be on Monday 27 July at 7.30pm in Morcott Village Hall – please note this is a change of date.


  1. Members register
  2. Apologies for absence:
  3. Declarations of interests and requests for dispensation:
  4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 20th May 2015
  5. Clerk’s Report and actions since the last meeting
  6. Democratic 10 minutes. An opportunity for the electorate to speak on any subject relating to the village.
  7. To receive the schedule of accounts since last meeting
  8. Reports and recommendations for consideration by council (reports are in pdf form at the end of this notice)
    1. Street Scene: Reports attached, 1a,2a,3a,4a,5a,6a,7a,8a.
    2. Media: Report attached 1b.
    3. Community Infrastructure planning (Village Plan) copy response to RCC attached 1c.
    4. Tree Warden – Tree in the Churchyard
    5. The White Horse Working Party: Report 4e.attached.
  9. Update on the progress for extending footpaths
  10. To consider applying for Government funding to conform with the transparency code
  11. To consider any increase in allotment and allotment field rents.
  12. To consider signatories for completion of revised bank mandate
  13. To consider any action following a request from a member of the public for an agenda item relating to the War Memorial
  14. To consider giving a donation to Rutland Citizens Advice Bureau
  15. Applications for planning permission:
  16. Any other plans received in time for the meeting.
  17. Consideration of issues raised by the public during the democratic 10 minutes
  18. Correspondence
  19. Date of next meeting

REPORTS are attached in PDF form:

Report 1a; Report 2a; Report 3a; Report 4a; Reports 5a,6a,7a,8a

Report 1b

Report 1c

Report 4e (Report 4e(1), Report 4e(2) and Report 4e(3))

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Cricket Match

Sunday 19th July is the Morcott vs Barrowden vs Gretton 3-way-round-robin cricket match.  It starts at 12 noon at Barrowden recreational ground. 

Support from the village is very welcome and there will be an open bar and hog roast.

Morcott XI:

Edward Cook
Ben Wild
Archie Roberts
Mike Debar
Chris Debar
David Joyce
Piers Mitchell
Nick Chislett
James Green
Graham Pritchard
William Joyce

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Burglar Alarms – a note from your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

A note from Susan Awcock, our Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator:

The holiday season is here, and many of us will be heading off for a well-earned break. One of the best things about living in Morcott is knowing that good neighbours will keep an eye on things while we’re away. But before you pack your case, set the burglar alarm and lock up, please think about leaving one of your neighbours with:

  1. A spare key
  2. The alarm/disarm code
  3. Your mobile phone number

Because if your alarm does go off (accidentally) while you’re away, a neighbour would much rather take a few minutes to go in, check all is well and re-set … than have to listen to that alarm ringing out for hours on end and be unable to do anything about it.

Happy Holiday!

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Morcott Parish Council Year End Financial Accounts & Info

The Parish Clerk has asked the website admin to make these financial records available online, in accordance with the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities.

Each document has been uploaded as a PDF. Click on each one to read, or download as appropriate.





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Volunteers needed at Barrowden’s Community Shop

The website admin has been asked to post this notice on behalf of The Shop in Barrowden, which is seeking fresh volunteers.

Do you use the Barrowden & Wakerley Community Shop? Did you know that it is run by Volunteers from the local community – not just from Barrowden?

Would you have an hour or two each week to join the team at the shop – behind the till or in the café?  Perhaps you are retired, new to the area, looking for a new challenge, children just about to start school or leave home?

We would be very happy to see you – full training and support will be given along with a warm welcome and a big smile.

For further details, a chat and a coffee please pop in and speak to David, the manager or ring him on 01572 748748.  We look forward to seeing you!

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Gardening Group visit to Coton Manor Gardens

A reminder that there is a visit to Coton Manor Gardens leaving Morcott 11am Thursday 11th June.
Please let Jane Page (747 412) know if you want to come along.
Transport for up to 8 people is available, so there may be room for friends too!
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Minutes of 20 May Parish Council Meeting

The draft minutes of Morcott Parish Council meeting held on 20 May 2015 may now be viewed HERE in pdf form.

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