Correction: MPC meets THURSDAY 14 June

Apologies: the Parish Council Meeting is Thursday 14 June 7.30pm. I’m updating the notice online.

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Morcott Parish Council Meeting Thurs 14 June 2018

A reminder that the Parish Council meets on Thursday evening, 14 June 2018. The Agenda items include the draft Memorandum of Understanding between Burghley Estate and the council, and the council’s response to RCC’s plans for St George’s Barracks site.

All villagers are invited to attend: there will be a 10 minute ‘democracy slot’ in which views may be stated/questions asked. The full Agenda and all supporting documents are on the Parish Council’s own website:

The meeting is in the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.

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Metal theft alert – with particular reference to Church

Glaston church had a large quantity of lead stolen from its roof last night (Tuesday 29 May 2018).

Please keep your eyes open for any strangers at St Mary’s church: we are NOT having any work done at present, so sightings of workmen/ladders/vans etc should be viewed with suspicion.

Please contact either of the churchwardens at ANY time if you have any concerns (747157 or 747175) or – if a crime is in progress – dial 999.

Morcott church DOES have a functioning roof alarm, and signs up publicising this fact, so we hope this puts off unwanted visitors, but …

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Parish Council Minutes: important news

Morcott’s 2018 Annual Parish Meeting, followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting (yes, confusing isn’t it?), were held on 15 May 2018. The Minutes of both meetings are now up on the Parish Council website, HERE but are also inserted in PDF form below for easy downloading/reading. Congratulations (or should that be commiserations) to Andrew Johnson for being re-elected Chairman. There are still two vacancies on the Parish Council.



White Horse Inn news: Burghley Estate has drafted a Memorandum of Understanding for the Parish Council to consider. This outlines Burghley’s intentions regarding some key points, including: the intention of renovating the White Horse Inn before redeveloping the rest of the site; the commitment to design standards; the provision of a children’s playground maintained by the pub for use by all with ownership handed to the village; liaising with the village regarding the selection of a tenant, and ensuring the tentant has a sustainable business plan (my paraphrasing in each case).

READ/DOWNLOAD IT HERE: BHPTDraftMemorandumofUnderstanding

This Memorandum of Understanding came to the Parish Council too late to be debated at the May meeting, though its contents were read out for the benefit of the public attending. This will now be on the Agenda of the next Parish Council meeting which is on Thursday 14 June 2018, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

ALL the documents relating to parish council interactions with Burghley Estate regarding the White Horse Inn can be found on the Parish Council’s website:



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Have your say about St George’s Barracks proposal

The proposed ‘garden village’ on the site of St George’s Barracks may be good for Rutland, but whatever your view regarding the development, we should consider the potential impact on Morcott.

Even though the new village will be set between Edith Weston and North Luffenham, almost 3 miles away, 3,000 homes are planned, which means villages south of Rutland Water will be impacted in some way.

The additional traffic (potentially 6,000+ cars) will be huge. And no doubt some of it will come through North Luffenham and Morcott en route to Uppingham. Willoughby Road already has more traffic than any other village road: it risks becoming a rat run between the new village and the A47 for those heading to Leicester or Corby.

Morcott Parish Council will engage with the Consultation process, but I urge all village residents, particularly those in Willoughby Road, to look at the initial plans and RESPOND to RCC with comments and concerns.

Consultation is NOW: there are several opportunities – please take advantage of one of them. 

Alternatively, a new website has been launched with details of the masterplan for St George’s, and information about how to comment on the proposals can be found online at:

Activity Location Date Time
Presentation and drop-in session St Mary and St John Primary School, North Luffenham Wednesday 16 May 2018 6.30pm to 9.00pm
Drop-in session Uppingham Town Hall Thursday 17 May 2018 2.00pm to 8.00pm
Presentation and drop-in session Edith Weston Village Hall Wednesday 23 May 2018 6.30pm to 9.00pm
Drop-in session Ketton Library Wednesday 30 May 2018 2.00pm to 8.00pm
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Volunteers wanted for Church Springclean

What are you doing Saturday morning? That is this Saturday 12 May 2018. If you can spare an hour during the morning (we’ll start at 9.30am), the churchwardens would be delighted to see you at St Mary’s Church for a much-needed springclean.


Dusters, polish, hoovers – and coffee and biscuits – all provided. If you prefer to tackle overgrown shrubs in the churchyard , there is also plenty to do, but please bring your own gardening tools.

We really appreciate everyone’s help. Questions? Call Jane on 747157.

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Neighbourhood Watch News

Many villagers will be spending a lot of time in the garden, and if you’re anything like me (site admin Jane Williams) this means forgetting to lock the shed at night, leaving lawnmowers and other equipment vulnerable to thieves. Do be careful about locking not only sheds and garages, but the back door if you’re in a far flung corner of your rolling acres…

We’ve also been alerted to an incident last month in Wing, which was a forced entry to a parked car: hearing the noise, the owner returned to find a thief stealing her handbag: a nasty confrontation. It seems unattended cars in Rutland are being targeted in ‘remote’ locations such as at allotments, dog walking locations or similar.

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