Update on pavement works

Thanks to Su DeBar for establishing that work on the marked-up sections of the High Street will commence Monday 20 March 2017 and take up to two days.

Temporary traffic lights are likely to be needed so bear this in mind. At least it might help to slow out-of-village speeding traffic!

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Morcott Gentlemen’s Dining Club: March

The Gents’ Dining Club is meeting on Friday 31 March 2017 at The Old Pheasant at Glaston. This month is being organised by David Joyce, who will be contacting regulars with menu details.

New to Morcott? Want to know more about the Gents’ Dining Club? Contact co-ordinator John Williams on 747 515.

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Pavement Re-surfacing

The coloured marks at strategic intervals on High Street pavements mean that Rutland County Council will be carrying out some re-surfacing work to selected stretches between the white arrows. The various coloured paints indicate the location of buried service cables and pipes.

The Parish Clerk advises that the work will be carried out before the end of the month, which just happens to be the end of RCC’s financial year.

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New item on Freecycle/For Sale page

Someone has just posted an item on the village website’s Freecycle/For Sale page. Have a look at it.

And as we are all turning out our garden sheds and having a general spring clean at the moment, now is a good time to remind everyone that the village website’s Freecycle/For Sale page is worth a shot if you have something too good to take to the tip.

And if you fail to shift it on the village website, there is always the Rutland group on Freecycle: https://my.freecycle.org/ and Gumtree https://www.gumtree.com/for-sale/rutland … both of which have a wider audience.

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Gardening Group 22 March 2017

Morcott Gardening Group is meeting at Windmill View (the Teasdales’ house) on Wednesday 22 March, at 7.30pm. Colin Ward from Swines Meadow Farm Nursery in Market Deeping will be sharing his passion for rare and exotic plants, and the story of Swines Meadow Farm.

All welcome. There’s a small charge to cover speaker expenses and coffee/tea.

If you are not yet a member of the Gardening Group, do contact Tricia Jones on 747 851, or Amanda Banfield 07831 329184 for further information.

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Morcott Parish Council 1 March 2017

The next meeting of Morcott Parish Council is on Wednesday 1 March at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. As always, this is a public meeting with an invitation extended to all.

The Agenda for the meeting is published on the Parish Council’s own website, HERE

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Morcott Gardening Group – February meeting

Thursday 23 February is the date of the next gathering. Meet at Amanda Banfield’s house, The Cedars on the High Street at 7.30pm.

Once again, there is a guest speaker, Tracy Whitehead, who will talk about the gardens at Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire. Sulgrave Manor is in the south of the county, between Northampton and Banbury.

For further information about the gardens, visit Sulvgrave Manor’s WEBSITE.

All are welcome. A small charge will be made to cover costs, including coffee/teaa and cake/biscuits.

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